Hanging art to a wall

There are many ways to hang art to a wall. The most conventional way is to hang with nails but this leaves holes in a wall. We recommend to use Command's hanging strips which stick to the back of your art and onto your wall without leaving any marks. You can buy these strips from Amazon here.

Please see the below step by step process and video on how to use the Command strips:

  • Step #1 - Find the area of wall you would like to hang your art
  • Step #2 - Separate two strips and then push the fasteners together until they *snap*
  • Step #3 - Remove one of the red liners and position the set of strips onto the back of the art and press firmly
  • Step #4 - Repeat the same steps for additional strips around the back of the art, depending on the size of the art
  • Step #5 - Remove the remaining red liners and position against the wall pressing firmly again against the areas where you know the strips are